I have forgotten what this competition was exactly about, except of the main topic ‘Identity’. The quotation from Margaret Mead “Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else” opening the exposition of the topic resonated with my musings that one builds an identity by identify oneself with.. and by differentiating oneself from.. . I kept reading on demographical factors building it and questions about identity in the globalised world. The author of the text expressed their hope that flexible identities can protect us from confrontation. But do we really ever have fixed and static sense of identity?

Is an identity stable or fluid? Do we even have a single identity when we do not even have a monolithic sense of self?Linguistic analysis show that “metaphoric system for our inner lives (…) is based on a fundamental distinction between (…) the Subject and one or more Selves. The Subject is the locus of consciousness, subjective experience, reason, will and our ‘essence’, everything what makes us who we uniquely are. There is at least one Self and possibly more. The Selves consist of everything else about us – our bodies, our social roles, our histories, and so on” from George Lakoff & Mark Johnson Philosophy in the Flesh.

And it takes me to another question, how identity relates to personality? All the questions and no answers but i see the new interest emerging.

By the way, the competition.


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